Tuesday, February 12, 2008


By Brendan

Sorry to use the tactic's of the drive by Media in the headline but shocking headlines are the only thing that seems to work and I wanted your attention.

I recently discovered this site thru an RSO hater group and decided to check it out. Apparently this site is Russian but flows thru Canada somehow.

We will call this site "girl talk" and it is a place for "active" pedophiles to meet and gather information on how to meet girls, How to groom girls, How to avoid being caught and all things that interest active Pedo's.

I checked this site out and it appears to be the "anti Christ" of what the rest of us in the RSO community are trying to accomplish.

I would advise ANYONE that is having serious thoughts about committing real sex crimes against children or anyone else to spend a few hundred dollars getting therapy instead of 15 to life in prison.

I'm personally appalled and disgusted that Canada or any other country would allow a site like this to remain active.

I am all for free speech but as you cannot yell fire in a crowded theatre you cannot or should not be allowed to have a web site that encourages and trains people about how to break the law especially when it involves committing sex crimes against children.

ANYTIME ANYONE commits another sex crime against any child in the United States or anywhere else they just add more fuel to the fire and more golden nuggets for the vote seeking politicians.

As the statistics have clearly shown 95% of all new sex crimes committed in the United States will be committed by family members and people with no prior criminal history. As we in the RSO community have all learned the hard way this will not stop the bottom feeding politicians from passing more draconian laws as long as they have a dead child’s name to pull on the heart strings of the dumbed down majority.

I will not use the real name of this site nor will I post a link.I will only say that if you are a visitor of that site or some similar site please SEEK HELP before you act on illegal impulses.Once upon a time in America when an individual committed a crime only that individual was held accountable.

We now live in a nation where the constitution has been suspended and whenever anyone anywhere commits any crime that in anyway resembles a mistake that any of us may have made at anytime in our lives we are made to "pick up the punishment tab" for what SOMEONE ELSE DOES.

As always I welcome any comments PRO or CON at the corner so by all means start sounding off.

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Lest We Never Forget
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